Uncovering A Unique Story

If you really think about it the first step for essay writing is to brainstorm figuring out about which topic you’d like to write the second step is outlining figuring out how to organize your essay the third step is to draft the actual process of writing your essay and then finally it’s not really a step but it’s at the very end you should be sure to review and polish your essay and we can’t stress that enough so let’s get started you may have a lot of ideas or you might be unsure of where to start so let’s work together to brainstorm for your essay so let’s begin with an example for the purpose of this webinar let’s pretend that I’m the student writing an essay so I will begin by thinking of a broad topic that immediately comes to mind when I’m thinking about which parts of my life I believe have been particularly influential. Get to know more about brainstorming at Robotdon.com.

Let’s say for this example that I write down family as my broad topic and yeah it’s very very open so again we’re just starting with something very general here and so I would need to specify a little bit more so here I want to specify a circumstance that I live in a single-parent household this is still kind of a general idea and at this point I need to find specific examples to really make my unique story come to shine unique story about being from a single-parent household now remember we want students to respond to the entire prompt so by discussing how these factors and challenges have helped me grow I can be able to go into greater detail about my circumstance and really hone in on my unique point maybe I want to say that living in a single-parent household has given me greater independence because my mom has to work long hours because of this I have had to learn how to cook for myself and also for my siblings on a very limited budget.

So if you kind of take a step back and look we have the broad topic that you want to write about a more specific circumstance and then unique points that illustrate how the circumstance has really shaped or influenced you so we want to hear from you so so far we’ve talked about family but what other broad topics do you feel you could write your essay on chat us right now by going over to your GoToWebinar right hand panel and let us know your thoughts you can find this chat box again at the very bottom and let us know what you think okay so we’re getting different topics coming in this is great thank you for participating and brainstorming with us so we have academic success friends new cultures immigration great as part of the brainstorming process I’ve selected community and academics so these are some topics I’ve I saw you guys type out as well so that’s great but again this is up to you.