The Most Important Parts Of Essay

When i`m checking essays I’m tired in the evening what am I reading I’m reading your conclusion but I’m also spending quite a bit of time on your introduction because then I know whether you’re thinking clearly or not thinking clearly okay it’s like when we read your are peas I spend an inordinate amount of time on your research objectives and questions and how they’re organized and how clear they are and how delineated they are because then I know whether you’ve got a manageable RP or not it’s the same with an essay okay it’s very important one practice you have to avoid is so this is coming from for 233 I asked this question where has most investment finance come from in successful developing countries forget the second part okay.

Then someone actually gives a title of there sa answering that question in the title I can see they’re already answering a different question you see profit and government intervention as the fuel of successful developing economies I didn’t ask them to explain what makes successful developing economies I asked them what is the source of investment finance you see from the title I already knew they were not going to answer the question you know and I already knew roughly what mark I was going to give them save me an enormous amount of time you know because then I could easily cut through the rest an example of a question and these are questions I have said and i have seen said okay and I asked it deliberately economic liberalisation has been detrimental to development of many developing countries now you know what I’m going to say look at those words what is economic liberalisation its vast isn’t it is it product markets is it factor markets is it international trade is it international financial flows we can go on endlessly okay so how do you deal with that in 2,500 words it’s a miracle isn’t it.

If you can do all of that then to make matters worse i use words like detrimental what is their tremenda mean okay it could mean many things then to the development is development easy to understand you’ve done your general course you know that could mean this it could mean that and then too many developing countries who are those developing countries can you see I mean 2500 words if I give it to someone as an RP do you think they can even manage it in an RP of course not okay so supposing you have that and you have no choice but to answer it lets it course workers say one method I suggest to people is find groups of people that keep talking about this because there are in the literature okay there is a huge literature that actually says things like that where economic liberalisation they mean trade liberalisation and that whole discussion is trade liberalisation and actually growth not welfare.