Basic Five Paragraph Essay Formula

This is a presentation on the five paragraph essay and for most of us this should be our refresher because the five paragraph essay model is a form that format that we’ve used probably since grammar school and we took it with us into high school and now you’re moving forward into college and it will become useful to you but as you advance in your classes and your writing abilities you will probably outgrow this format but I want to talk about it because it still holds the basic formula for essential writing and good skills um the five paragraph essay. Find even more basic essay formulas onĀ Edusson.

As I said it’s a basic formula for writing small essays and small essays and papers are probably what you’ve done the most of throughout your writing career however if you think about articles you read now newspapers journal articles essays books none of those are written in five paragraphs they are much more many more paragraphs than that and the reason for that is because you want something more developed a little bit more advanced so you have to outgrow that five paragraph essay model and that’s why I call it a training post version because it’s the the starter kit this these are the basic components of good of good paper good essays and all of these components can be used and applied when we move into more advanced forms of writing so this isn’t the best model that we use when we when we write at the college level or higher in most cases you know as you grow out of your English 101 or 1101 class you’ll probably move beyond this five paragraph model however it’s still the best format to use when you’re in when you have a timed writing assignment or you’re taking a final exam it’s very succinct to the point direct and you know in a time crunch it’s the best model to use it’s the one that were most comfortable with even if we’re trying to write a larger essay that’s going to be more than five paragraphs we can always start with the five paragraph essay model or components of it and just enhance it as we keep revising it.

So that’s why I want to discuss it today and go back over just to make sure that everybody knows the basic components now what are the five paragraphs well the beginning is the introduction you have introductory paragraph and the last sentence of that paragraph most often will be your thesis statement once you have your thesis statement you move to your three body paragraphs each of those body paragraphs begin with effective topic sentences then you’ll have strong evidence and support that backs up what’s being said in the sentence and then you’ll have a clear explanation of how and or why the paragraphs information supports the thesis statement and that’s something that’s very essential in each paragraph to explain how the information and the paragraph relates back to the thesis.